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How much does BrainEv cost?

The Brain Evolution System costs a total of $297.
The first level is available on a 30-day free trial.
If you decide to continue beyond the 30-day period, you will be charged three monthly installments of $99 - for a total of $297. (Plus any local taxes, as specified during the order process.)
For that price, you receive the the entire six levels in high-quality MP3 format, our user manual, lifetime support, a seven-month guarantee, and more.
Your card will be billed under the name DRI**BRAINEV, PAYPAL**BRAINEV or CLKBANK.COM. Check the terms for details.
When ordering, you can can also select to receive the Neurolift supplement.
If you select to receive Neurolift, we'll ship your first month's supply out after 30 days (ie, after your trial period has passed) -- for free.
After that, we'll send you one bottle (one month's supply), every month. You will be charged $24.95 every months for this supplement.
You can cancel your Neurolift subscription at any time. You will be billed under the name PAYPAL**NEUROLIFT.