An important note regarding iTunes settings
Brain Evolution System Torrent - Free Download, RapidShare
Brain Salon, Sleep Salon & Nitrofocus Torrent - Free Download, RapidShare
Brainwave Entrainment App for iPhone and iPad
Can I listen more than once a day?
Can I use BrainEv while at work, on the computer, studying, etc?
Can I use BrainEv with my iPhone, MP3 player, or other media device?
Can I use BrainEv with other brainwave programs?
Does BrainEv contain AudioStrobe signals?
Does the Brain Evolution System use subliminal messages?
Do I need to close my eyes while listening?
Do I need to use headphones with this entrainment technology?
How is “meditation” beneficial to me as a whole?
How long should the BrainEv program be used?
How long will it take for me to feel the effects of the Brain Evolution System?
How much does BrainEv cost?
I already have extensive meditation experience. Can I still benefit from BrainEv?
Is BrainEv a meditation system?
Is BrainEv a religious or scientific product?
Is brainwave entrainment safe?
Is brainwave entrainment safe long-term?
iTunes shows strange names for my CDs. How come?
I've seen other products that take more/less time and offer something similar...
Tell me more about brainwaves & EEG readings?
What are the BrainEv headphone requirements?
What does the Brain Evolution System do?
What if my hearing is less than perfect?
What is brainwave entrainment?
What is the Brain Evolution System?
What is the focus of the Brain Evolution System?
What is the technology behind BrainEv?
What's the difference between Nitrofocus and the Brain Salon?
Where were the BrainEv nature sounds recorded?
Who shouldn't use brainwave entrainment?
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