An important note regarding iTunes settings

We've already pre-encoded all of our BrainEv audio sessions into the perfect, high-quality MP3 format for you.

If you're putting the file into iTunes, for copying to your iPhone/iPad/iPod, make sure that the 'Convert higher bit rate songs' option on your device 'Summary' tab is NOT ticked.

iTunes tries to save space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, by reducing the audio 'bandwidth' of songs. Most of the time, the difference is so subtle, it's not even noticeable. So it makes sense to compress regular songs in this way, and save space as a result.

But our MP3 files need a sampling rate of 320kbps in order to enjoy the best results. They aren't "regular" songs. They need to be played in their fullest form, without compression.

Therefore, when syncing your iPhone/iPad/iPod, ensure that the 'Convert higher bit rate songs' option on the 'Summary' tab of your device is NOT ticked.

Sample options in the Summary tab, with bit rate option unticked: