Can I use BrainEv while at work, on the computer, studying, etc?

No. You must dedicate your listening time entirely to BrainEv, keeping your eyes closed.

This is the only way the brain can activate the required brainwave states. Focusing on other tasks will force brainwave patterns away from the intended path. Just allow yourself 30 minutes of quiet time a day, away from any distractions. 

The most startling benefits of the Brain Evolution System will often reveal themselves after listening. Amongst other benefits, many users report significant efficiency improvements in their day-to-day routines as a direct result of their BrainEv sessions.

Dr. Gavin Young, a chiropractor from the UK said: “Brain Evolution has revolutionized my schedule! I feel as if I'm now able to do more in less time, simply because my brain is in tune with my daily mission.”