Can I listen more than once a day?

We recommend that you only listen for a maximum of once per day.

You shouldn't try to overwhelm the brain, or cram too much training into a short period of time. Increased listening will not equate to increased results! 

Compare building your mental muscle to building physical muscle at the gym. Imagine you try to do "everything" in one day, and spend 15 hours non-stop on arm weights - you'll likely end up exhausted, and without any significant results to show for it. But spend 30 minutes a day for the whole month, and you'll probably see substantial results. Little and often WORKS.

In addition, research suggests that listening too much can desensitize you to brainwave entrainment stimuli - in the same way that people living near noisy environments (such as next to train tracks or airports) adjust to no longer "hearing" the constant bombardment of loud noises.

Please follow the general listening guidelines, and don't feel pressure to rush ahead.

Rather than to limit your growth, our recommendations are here to ensure you get the very best results from the Brain Evolution System.