Does BrainEv contain AudioStrobe signals?

No. The Brain Evolution System does not contain AudioStrobe™ signals. However, you will find that BrainEv works well as the audio input to most Light and Sound Machines. 

Let's explain this answer a little further.

The brain can be entrained using both sound (ie, BrainEv audio) and visuals (ie, flashing lights). Various Light and Sound Machines (sometimes called "meditation machines") are available on the market, which use flashing lights at specific frequencies to entrain the brain. Some brainwave entrainment MP3s/CDs encode AudioStrobe™ signals into their music, allowing precise synchronization between both audio and visuals.

Although we do not encode specific AudioStrobe™ signals into our MP3s, these machines naturally work very well with the Brain Evolution System audio.

Just input our audio as the source, and let your meditation machine interpret its entrainment process.