Is BrainEv a meditation system?

Effectively, yes.

Meditation is all about learning to control the mind.

It's about getting into your own space. It's about accessing deeper states of being, on-demand. It's about being able to maintain an inner-calm, even in stressful situations. For some people, it can be a form of relaxation - and for others, it's part of a personal journey.

The Brain Evolution System is effectively a "fast track" meditation program.

With deep Zen meditation, it can often take years to access those deeper states, and gain control over your mind/brain system. The Brain Evolution System effectively helps to speed up this process, helping you to gain quicker control over your brainwave state, so that you can gain access to more insightful levels of mental clarity, wisdom, and self-mastery.

It does this by using brainwave entrainment technology to speed up access to those lower levels, rather than relying on years of practice to access them. This does not detriment at all from the heightened benefits: it simply cuts out on years of needless practice.

So, in brief: Yes, the Brain Evolution System is an incredibly powerful meditation system.