Brain Evolution System Torrent - Free Download, RapidShare

It has come to our attention that some users have searched for the Brain Evolution System torrent, or Brain Evolution System free downloads.

We have checked ALL of the Brain Evolution System torrents, downloads and Brain Evolution System RapidShare links, only to find that every single copy is either an invalid replication or contains entirely inaccurate material.

So... What's the problem?

The MP3 versions uploaded to such torrent sites have been compressed in a way that totally negates the benefits of the Brain Evolution System.

Brainwave entrainment uses specialized frequencies in order to produce the desired effects. You can learn more about this technology and 3P DEAP here. The issue is that pirates have compressed our original CD recordings and high-quality, uncompressed audio files into standard MP3 files, which REMOVES any audible frequencies that aren't absolutely necessary.

Basically, every torrent currently out there appears to be based on a very poorly ripped MP3 copy of the Brain Evolution System -- and SIMPLY DOES NOT produce any of the desired effects. And we've tested!

Indeed, the way in which some of these files have been compressed can actually cause NEGATIVE SIDE-EFFECTS. (Note: You *can* compress brainwave entrainment recordings into MP3 files, but it takes special effort. It seems the pirates behind such torrents have simply used a basic CD MP3 ripper, such as iTunes. That can cause REAL problems if not done correctly.)

We've found other problems too: many EXE zip files seem to contain viruses; some audio CD image files appear to contain a form of viral rootkit; and, some files claiming to be BrainEv don't contain our program at all - and instead hold other relaxation-style audio which appear to contain low-level subliminal-style messages when analyzed.

Brain Evolution System torrents, Brain Evolution System Rapidshare links, and BrainEv free downloads JUST DO NOT WORK.

You are welcome to try them if you wish. It is widely accepted that customers intent on illegal downloads don't usually become paying customers, so it makes no discernible difference to us. However, if you decide to experiment, you do so entirely at your own risk. And there IS a risk.

That is why we urge you, IN THE INTEREST OF YOUR OWN BRAIN'S HEALTH, to ONLY trust the downloads and CDs you obtain DIRECTLY from the Brain Evolution System team.

Our core websites is Trust NO other site.

You can begin a FREE trial of the Brain Evolution System online at, or download a free demo at