Can I use BrainEv with other brainwave programs?

We recommend that you do NOT combine BrainEv with other longer-term brainwave entrainment programs.

Longer-term brainwave entrainment programs typically follow a progressive structure, getting deeper and deeper, helping to steadily "train" and nurture the brain throughout it's development.

By combining two such progressive programs, you will likely train the brain at two different stages each day - which could nullify the benefits of either.

As such, we do NOT recommend combining progressive brainwave entrainment programs.

However, you CAN use short-term brainwave entrainment sessions as required.

For example, you can listen to sessions from the Brain Salon without issue. Such sessions are designed for immediate, and short-term benefit only. It's only longer-term, progressive programs, which come with a full listening regime, that you should be cautious of.

If you're shifting to the Brain Evolution System from another program, such as Holosync - here's what we recommend.

Stop using your existing brainwave entrainment program immediately. If possible, give yourself a break for seven days. Then take up our program, following our regular system instructions.

It doesn't matter how many levels "deep" you achieved with the old program. Due to the highly advanced way in which the Brain Evolution System helps develop the brain, you should ALWAYS start from Level One. You'll probably find it instantly more powerful than the deeper levels in your old program.

Not only that, your previous meditation experience will also help you go much deeper, much faster. Remember, the bulk of the BrainEv journey takes just six months to complete - so you won't have to wait long for all-out results.