How long will it take for me to feel the effects of the Brain Evolution System?

Effects are often felt in the first few days, if not immediately following your first use. 

When listening to a session, you may notice a shift in your relaxation levels, as if you are drifting, or as if time is stretched or elongated. It's not uncommon to feel tingles or slight pressures on the body or in the head as your brain begins to register the entrainment technology.

After the session, you may feel more calm, and focused on the day ahead.

Within a week of listening, the brain will have become more acquainted with the sounds, and the effects will become more powerful.

Greater mental benefits will become more and more apparent in the weeks and months ahead.

We suggest maintaining a journal so that you can track your progress, as it's often difficult to observe the benefits when you're on the "inside." Additionally, note the comments of your family and colleagues regarding your general mood. They will provide a helpful, third-party insight into the positive changes you experience.