iTunes shows strange names for my CDs. How come?

Sometimes, when using certain music applications, you may find that the Brain Evolution System CDs are shown to have strange names -- for example, they may display the wrong level number, or a different album altogether.

Here's why... 

Some applications, such as iTunes, attempt to automatically download the names of CDs from online services, such as the Gracenote CDDB. They uniquely identify an album by the number of tracks, and lengths of those tracks. 

The main six Brain Evolution System levels are 30 minutes in length, with just one track on each CD. That means the CD name services get confused between our CDs, and any others with just one track that is also 30 minutes long.

That's why your music application, such as iTunes, may display inaccurate information. Rest assured that the CD is just fine -- it's the application and online database that is flawed.

Here's a tip to help out: If using a program such as iTunes, use the MP3 downloads we provide, rather than ripping from a CD. Not only can ripping remove some of the important information required for brainwave entrainment to work properly, but the MP3 downloads are encoded with the correct ID3 tags, so you won't have this problem with strange names popping up randomly.