I've seen other products that take more/less time and offer something similar...

Brainwave entrainment products come in a variety of forms, and prices range anywhere from $10 to $3000 dollars.

Our research shows us that the Brain Evolution System is quite simply the BEST program available anywhere on the market today.

Many brainwave entrainment programs are structured in a way that takes years to see results, with levels getting progressively more expensive. Others are simply cheap downloads created by brainwave enthusiasts, which the brain soon "tunes out" from.

With the Brain Evolution System, we focused on creating a program that was convenient, enjoyable, and delivered results.

The Brain Evolution System combines the best of both worlds, delivering short-term results in conjunction with a long-term, evolving program.

We use a listening period of six months to ensure that every benefit is squeezed from the Brain Evolution System program. By dedicating 30 minutes per day to the program, your small time commitment has the power to create positive change that can stay with you your whole life long.

We also believe that with 3P DEAP™, we have created a powerful listening system that truly engages the brain for maximum results. Other programs tend to use the same basic, non-dynamic listening programs, which result in the mind "tuning out" and no longer delivering gains. Our program builds on its progress, day by day, level by level.

Additionally, we offer a complete support package to take care of your questions and to help you understand what to expect from BrainEv - including follow-up email messages, monthly videos, and round-the-clock support. This support system continues to grow with you, so that your benefits will always increase.

So, do your research - and decide on the best. Your investment ultimately is in yourself.

This page contains a comparison table which may help in your decision: http://www.brainev.com/Research-Benefits/Versus.aspx