Lee Benson

Lee Benson is a self-development leader, living in southern Ireland.

He is the creator of ground-breaking, brain-strengthening products, such as Brain Bullet, and the founder of the original Elite Inner Circle.

During 2005, Lee Benson worked with brainwave pioneer Michael Kelley, to help develop the Brain Evolution System - a six-level "brainwave entrainment" program designed to strengthen the mind.

Lee is currently travelling the globe, working to spread the word regarding the BrainEv technology - and the powerful results it can bring.

You can learn more about the Brain Evolution System online at http://www.brainev.com/

Or discover more of it's benefits, and the scientific research that went into BrainEv, at http://www.brainev.com/research-benefits/

Lee Benson (left) with author Karl Moore