What are the BrainEv headphone requirements?

In order to completely benefit from our 3P DEAP brainwave entrainment process, stereo headphones are required.

A standard generic $20 headphone set should be adequate for delivering the Brain Evolution System's audio with sufficient clarity.

Note that increased clarity of audio and minimal distortion will have an added effect on how well the BrainEv will work for you. Refer to the following comparison of minimum and optimal headphones. If you are not familiar with the terms below, consult your headphone manual or speak with a knowledgeable headphone retailer.

Minimum headphone quality:

Optimal headphone quality:

Some notes on speaker types and signal processing (plus what to avoid):

Many headphones are manufactured with speakers that are engineered specifically to blast out heavy bass frequencies without distortion. Try to use headphones that are not attuned to a particular style of audio (whether deep bass or high frequencies).

Headphones, home stereo or media players may also feature enhancement that can disrupt the BrainEv's intended signals. For best results, always insure that no additional signal processing is being applied to the original source audio.

Keep your audio setup simple. If your audio configuration allows additional effects, make sure those options are disabled, before using the Brain Evolution System. In the event that any audio processing can not be disabled, make use of an audio device that is free of these extra features.

Audio processing technologies to avoid include, but are not limited to:

In almost all cases, a standard simple set-up (like an MP3 player with some quality headphones) is all you need to get the best possible results with BrainEv.

Our suggestions are: be savvy, read your packaging, and put questions to informed retail staff that truly know their audio!

If we can help with any audio confusion you may be facing, drop us a note and we'll do what we can to help you pick the best equipment with the right settings.