Where were the BrainEv nature sounds recorded?

All of the natural sounds found within the Brain Evolution System were recorded in Dovedale, in the heart of rural Derbyshire, England.

Dovedale is owned by the National Trust. It's still actively farmed, and is famous regionally for it's picture-postcard stepping stones and cave-like "Dove Holes."

It was selected as the location to collect the Brain Evolution System natural sounds owing to it's varied wildlife, natural flora, and beautiful gorges.

Here's a brief video of the location, from our team:


And here are snapshots of our team recording sounds for the Brain Evolution System...



BrainEv leader Lee Benson, with field recorder Ashley Hall.




Ashley Hall checks levels and records sound, using powerful $3000 audio equipment.



Morning has broken over Dovedale.



Lee and Ashley record some of the etheric spring cave sounds found inside the "Lucid Echoes" level.


Ashley gets comfortable to record another audio segment from a Dovedale gorge. 



Walkway view of a beautiful gorge running through Dovedale.


You can learn more about Dovedale, and it's surroundings, online at http://www.derbyshireuk.net/dovedale.html