What is the technology behind BrainEv?

The Brain Evolution System uses a highly-specialized, proprietary brainwave entrainment combination that we call 3P DEAP. 

This combines the most powerful entrainment methods currently available - including binaural beats, rhythmic entrainment (including isochronic tones), and temporal entrainment - to help dramatically influence your brainwave patterns, and help further build your "mental muscle."

To learn more about 3P DEAP, please visit: http://www.brainev.com/research-benefits/3pdeap.aspx

Using 3P DEAP can be incredibly powerful, and enables you to effectively begin watching the mechanics of your mind in action. Over time, you will witness and understand the inherent structure of your brain/mind system. And with dedicated practice, you can consciously train yourself to master and command your brain abilities at will.